New term starts Thursday 19 April 2018

The new term starts soon – Thursday 19 April. We’ve been getting music ready. As usual, it’ll be a variety of old and modern, fast and slow, with different musical challenges in the different pieces.

We already have a few new players coming for the first time this term, so if anyone wants to give the orchestra a try, you wouldn’t be the only newcomer! You can come for two weeks’ free trial before you decide whether it’s a good fit for you. There’s no minimum standard – if you’re a complete beginner, you can start off with easy notes and learn as you go. You’d be learning just by sitting in, even if you didn’t play much at first.

This term, it’s £60 for the term, or £63 if you’d like tea or coffee at the half-time break. If you’re keen but the money would be a stretch for you, please say so, and we’d keep that info confidential.

We’re at Padworth Village Hall for the rehearsals, same as last term. (Click that link for travel info.)

Do get in touch if you think you might be interested! and ask any questions not answered here! We’re a friendly bunch 🙂

Pic of violin, plus text: Da Capo / Adult learners' orchestra / Beginners welcome! / West Berkshire, England / Thursday evenings

Come and hear us on Thursday 29 March 2018

It’s nearly time for this term’s soirée! We’ll be in Thatcham, just off the A4, on the evening of Thursday 29 March.

If you’d like to be in the audience for our play-through of this term’s music, or just to find out more, please do get in touch.

Some people who join Da Capo haven’t yet learned to read music, and some have never yet played in a group before! It’s “learn as you go”.

We already know there will be at least a couple of new players starting after Easter… so if you were to join the orchestra then, or to try out whether it suits you for a couple of weeks’ free trial, you wouldn’t be the only newcomer.

Want a taster of what the orchestra sounds like? Here’s a short video from the end of the autumn term in 2017. The players had about 10 weeks to learn this piece of music. Beginners can be given simplified parts with only easy notes.

(or click through to watch the video at Vimeo)

A new addition to the web site

The end of term “soirée”, where we play through the pieces we’ve been learning during the term, usually also includes some solos or chamber music. (Only from people who want to!)

Occasionally it’s also included a song or a poem.

Very occasionally, it’s included a poem or song written by someone in the orchestra about being in the orchestra!

New to the web site, we can now reveal two of these wonderful items of creativity: Two poems in celebration of the orchestra 🙂

New conductor wanted for the autumn

After 20-odd years, our founder conductor Patsy Moore is retiring!

Conductor wanted! Reading/Newbury area. Blue writing on a faded background picture of a violin and a couple of pages of music.

We are looking for a cheerful, patient conductor, with clear conventional baton technique and a sense of humour, to take up the conducting role at Da Capo. This is a paid role.

You can read our advert on the Making Music site here, and request an info pack for more about the orchestra and the job. We’d like written applications by Wednesday 7 February 2018, and we’ll be auditioning people soon after that. (Yes, we are rather late blogging about this, though the advert itself has been up a while!)

Want a taster of what the orchestra sounds like? Here’s a video from our “soirée” back in December (orchestra conducted here by Ken Moore).

(or click through to watch the video at Vimeo)

New playing members are also welcome. There’s no minimum standard of musical level – you don’t even need to be able to read music yet, because you can learn as you go, and be given a very easy part to start off with.

New term September 2017

The web site has been quiet, but the orchestra is still thriving!

The end-of-term Soirée is likely to be Thursday 7 December 2017.  If lots of orchestra people can’t do that date, it may yet move to the following week.

The Soirée is where we play our music to “friendly eavesdroppers” (mostly friends and family).  We call it a Soirée because a concert sounds more formal and scary!

If you’re thinking you might like to join the orchestra, coming along to the Soirée is a great way to get a little sample of what we’ve been up to, and have a chat.  If you’d like to come along and listen, it’s free.  Please get in touch first and let us know, as space is limited.

Whether or not you’re free to come to the Soirée this term, you’re always welcome to get in touch for more information.