No minimum standard is set. Appropriate music is provided to take account of whatever you can already do.

The orchestra, conducted by Patsy Moore and her husband Ken, is intended to offer a progressive introduction to orchestral playing for adults (beginners or returners) who are welcome to join at an elementary stage of playing orchestral instruments. You don’t need previous experience of playing in a conducted group.

Which instruments could I play in the orchestra?

Players of any orchestral instrument or (stretching a point!) things like tenor horn, baritone horn and saxophone are welcome.

Recorders, plucked stringed instruments (e.g. guitar) and fixed-pitch instruments such as accordion are not appropriate.

Thinking of taking up an orchestral instrument? Read more…

Learn about orchestral playing as part of a friendly, supportive group.

Some people start in this orchestra as beginners at their instrument and beginners at reading music.

Others used to be able to play a bit (perhaps when they were at school), but it seems like a long time ago!

There are also players who have musical experience on one instrument but are enjoying themselves by starting a new one.

The mix of levels is catered for by having easier parts for the beginners and more challenging parts for the people with more experience. Everyone is learning.

The orchestra’s motto is “I can’t do that… yet“.

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