or cello, or viola, or flute, or clarinet, or trumpet, or almost any orchestral instrument…

Pic of violin, plus text: Da Capo / Adult learners' orchestra / Beginners welcome! / West Berkshire, England / Thursday evenings

Friendly adult learners’ orchestra Da Capo welcomes players at all levels – even beginners who can’t yet read music, or “rusty” players who stopped years ago.

Rehearsals Thursday evenings in Padworth, just off the A4. Car‑shares possibly available.

Two weeks’ free trial to find out if it suits you, then book by the term.

To find out more, read the rest of this site or get in touch 🙂

Want a taster of what the orchestra sounds like? Here’s a short video from the end of the autumn term in 2017. The players had about 10 weeks to learn this piece of music. Beginners can be given simplified parts with only easy notes.

(or click through to watch the video at Vimeo)