Each term ends with an informal “Soirée” for friendly eavesdroppers. These usually include all the orchestral music we have worked on during the term, plus solos and chamber music by current members of the orchestra and often also by ex-members or friends.

If you can’t imagine yourself ever wanting to perform to an audience, this is a low-key way to dip a toe in the water – along with other people, reminding each other “Nerves are normal” 🙂 The audience is small and supportive, consisting mainly of friends and families of the players.

When the orchestra first started, we didn’t play to an audience for a couple of terms, but performing even quite informally is different from rehearsing, and needs practising in its own right for people to become comfortable with it.

Busking in December

For many years now a group of players, current and ex-members of the orchestra, has had an outing during December to a local supermarket. We play seasonal music in their foyer in support of a charity collection, for the past two years for The Samaritans.

This is an “optional extra” for orchestra members – no fees, just for the fun of it.

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