When and where?

The orchestra meets on Thursdays 7.30-9.30 at Padworth Village Hall, south of the A4 between Theale and Woolhampton,West Berkshire, England. It has plenty of parking and full disabled access.

Please don’t just turn up, though! You need to get in touch first, to make sure music will be ready and waiting for you (and also to check that we haven’t had to move to a different venue as occasionally happens).

We usually have our end of term informal performances in a bigger hall.

The nearest towns are Reading to the East, Newbury to the West, Basingstoke to the South. Because the orchestra is very unusual in welcoming players at the most elementary level, there are often players coming from much further afield.

See Thinking of joining… ?

If you’d like to hear the orchestra play, look out for our end of term informal performances to friendly eavesdroppers. That’s also an opportunity to have a chat with the players. For those too, please get in touch first, as we only have space for a small audience.

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