Looking towards Christmas already!

We’re already half way through the autumn term, and for once we’ve been playing music with a Christmas flavour from the start. Sometimes we have a completely secular autumn term, but not this year. My husband Ken, who shares the conducting these days, has orchestrated an abridged version of Gustav Holst’s choral medley called simply “Christmas Day”. As well as conventional orchestral instruments this term’s unusual line-up includes both alto and tenor saxes and the even more unusual alto and bass flutes.

Our Winter Soirée will be from 7.30-9.30 on Thursday December 1st in Thatcham (hall booked from 6.30). We call it a Soirée because a concert sounds more formal and scary!

If you’re thinking of joining the orchestra, now is a great time to get in touch, especially if you happen to be free on the evening of December 1st. You’d be very welcome to join our audience of “Friendly Eavesdroppers” to hear what the orchestra has been working on this term. It’s free to come along and listen at on that occasion. Space is limited, so you need to make contact beforehand if you would like to come.

There will be orchestral items by Johann Sebastian Bach, Gustav Holst and Hubert Waelrant, plus an arrangement by Max Bruch (best known for writing a very popular violin concerto) of a little German folk song with a Christmas theme – Lullaby of the Shepherds.

The rest of the evening’s programme consists of solos and chamber music items from current and ex-members of Da Capo and perhaps a few additional visiting performers. In the middle we have an interval, usually about 15 to 20 minutes, with free refreshments. There’s plenty of opportunity to chat to the players if you’d like to – either during the interval break, or before or after the music.

Whether or not you’re free to come to the Soirée you’re always welcome to get in touch for more information. Players enrol for one term at a time, and the Spring term will probably start on January 12th but that’s not definite yet.  It will be helpful to know before Christmas who to expect.

On the Thursday before Christmas, December 22nd, a group of players from the orchestra, again perhaps with a few ex-members, will be playing “seasonal” music in the foyer of the big Sainsbury’s store in Calcot, close to Junction 12 of the M4, between 7.00 and 9.30 p.m. For the third year we’ll be supporting a collection in aid of the Samaritans. If you find yourself with any last-minute shopping to do perhaps you’d like to come along and give us a wave. 🙂 (Sainsbury’s is very close to the recently opened new IKEA store.)

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