Even if you’re a beginner at your instrument who can barely read music, or used to “play a bit” ages ago, or are enjoying the challenge of a new instrument, we’d love to see you. Having easier parts for beginners and more challenging parts for more experienced players ensures that everyone is still learning.

Listen to Chris Walsh (Chairman) and Mark Fulker talk to Ray Wilton on Kennet Radio about Da Capo.

For more information on the pieces we play and the different levels of difficulty, please refer to this page: How challenging are the pieces? 

The Orchestra

Based in Beenham, Berkshire, between Reading and Newbury, we offer a progressive introduction to orchestral playing. Orchestras which welcome adult beginners are unusual: most require a minimum standard to join, so if you have a dusty, neglected flute, cello or sax in your attic, this may be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for! We cater for all standards of players in a friendly and welcoming environment, even if you have no experience of playing in a group.


Rehearsal starts at 7.30pm. Some people come early and do some practice. Most people try to be there by about 7.10/7.15, so there’s time to set up without being in a rush.

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